De-Mystifying Computers is about teaching people to solve computer issues. My main focus is WordPress tuition and computer repairs.

My preferred method of working is to sit down with someone and show them how to fix an issue with their computer. I am also happy to work alone on issues but I believe giving individuals the chance to understand what the root cause of the problem is provides much better value for money.

Website Tuition and Design

My primary focus is helping individuals and small groups to administer their own website.

The biggest project I’ve worked on in the last few years is coordinating The Bristol Cable website and technical support for the wider project.

I enjoy empowering clients to set up and maintain their own well designed website. I am also happy to help people with existing projects move to a more self sufficient model.


If you have a device that is behaving strangely please give me a call and I’ll see how I can help. I’ve repaired all sorts of computer equipment over the years and am confident about my skills, knowledge, and jargon-free friendly approach.


Hazel: hazelwinter.co.uk

“Mat was fantastic. He did a really good job in making the site look exactly as I wanted it, and was endlessly kind and helpful in showing me how it all worked, (in the manner of a wise parent weaning a toddler onto solids, which was sort of what was needed) Can’t recommend him highly enough. I am managing rusks as well now”

Zoe: lucid-language.com

“I highly recommend Mat’s service – he help me to set up my website in exactly the way I wanted it, by using his expert knowledge and skills but also giving me the confidence to input my own ideas. He is patient and thoughtful, which meant that I didn’t feel silly with any of my novice questions!”

Mike: nailsearunningclub.org.uk

“Mat has taught me the WordPress skills to enable us to easily develop and maintain our existing club website without resort to professional support for each change. Pleasant guy. Provides a very cost effective solution.”

Jeremy: network23.org/realww1

“Mat set up our website and has been very helpful since with queries and helping us fix further niggling issues”


  • I worked for over five years in a busy Bristol-based computer repair shop, with a particular focus on laptops.
  • Ten years of supporting small groups and individuals to set up websites.
  • Running classes on web design for The Bristol Cable and other local groups such as the Real World War 1 history group.

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