My Experience

Over the last ten years I’ve worked exclusively with computers, mainly in a repair capacity but also constructing be-spoke websites. The most influential on my thinking and knowledge was inĀ  first managing then just working, in a small laptop repair shop near Bristol university for five years. Most of that time I was left to my own devices to talk with customers, repair normally viruses and setup systems to take in and manage the repairs. I’m not sure what my job description would be but the role ranged with in a day from booking in jobs (where my colleges would suggest I always spent to on explaining), we to repairing a sealed apple device, to removing a virus to maintaining a website for a client of the business.

people would feel and be made to feel by many computer repair people that they are foolish. The kind of intelligence to repair an issue is very different to the kind of intelligence needed to explain an issue i’ve observed.

It is very much with in my interested not to miss-lead you on the knowledge I have as I will most likely be repairing the item in front of you.